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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Upcoming Events

Monday 24th January

Open Deck//

Battle Sets

Douglas Quaid
Knob Jockeys

with support from..

Duppy(Open Plan)
McDubbin(Open Deck winner)
Node(Open Plan)
Prospex(Open Plan)
Teutonic Kaboom(Open Plan)

Hosted by GNI


9pm to 3 am - open decks 9 till 10
Cracking drinks offers - 2 pound bottles/2 becks for 3 pound/2.50 double and mixer.

12 rapid-fire sets: The winner of the battle sets gets a slot at Open Plan 5th March @ Jabez Clegg with Appleblim, Horsepower Productions, Niveau zero and Funk Ethics >>

Facebook Event:


Open Plan Sat 5th March @ Jabez Clegg

Main Room

Appleblim(Applepips/Skull Disco)
Horsepower Productions(Tempa) // 1st time in Manc - how did this happen?//
Funk Ethics(Reduction)
Duppy(Open Plan)
Morris Cowan(Open Plan/Wigflex)
Node(Open Plan)
Teutonic Kaboom(Open Plan)

Hanzo Steel room - Heavy Dubstep and DnB

Niveau Zero(Ad Noiseam) - debut
Dash(Open Plan)
Heppstar(Open Plan)
*Open Deck winner*
Oska T(Dubwatch/Open Plan)
Node(Open Plan)

6 pound advance and till 1145/7 after

11pm till 4am. 18+

@ Jabez Clegg, 2 Portsmouth St
Manchester M13 9GB
0161 272 8612

Shackleton is playing Soup Kitchen Thursday 10th March.
There's only 100 tickets at 12 pound each. 

A Ticket for both events is available for 16 pound for the next two weeks only


Facebook Event: